Maggots, mold and dirt reported in Weber jail food

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Health inspectors looked into reports of maggots, mold, and dirt in jail food, and labels...


Roy's new mayor takes aim at business growth, trimming taxes, annexation

Roy Mayor Bob Dandoy

Bob Dandoy defeated Willard Cragun, the incumbent mayor, last year and took office in Roy in early January.


GE to pay $15B for past mistakes amid breakup speculation


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — General Electric Co. will pay $15 billion to make up for the miscalculations of an insurance subsidiary as a new regime weighs future changes that could culminate in a breakup of a company conceived in the industrial age. The setback announced Tuesday is rooted in North...


Dow starts day with a bang and ends in a whimper

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. The Dow Jones industrial average roared past 26,000 Tuesday morning - only to give it all back by the end of the day and close down 10 points. “It got to a point where people were saying, ‘Wow,‘” said Steve Johnson, a portfolio manager at Adviser Investments. “It’s...


Companies race to gather a newly prized currency: Our body measurements

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. The first step for a shopper buying a suit at the fast-growing menswear retailer Indochino is sharing his personal information: A salesperson armed with an iPad measures nearly everything on his body, from the distance between his belly button and rear to the...


Detroit ditching cars to mint money off trucks

(c) 2018, Bloomberg. With lucrative sport utility vehicle and truck sales on the ascent, Detroit automakers are racing to ditch slow-selling cars in favor of the big rigs that mint money. Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne started it off by killing the Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 to reorient...


There's a $45 billion war raging over the pickup you'll buy next

(c) 2018, Bloomberg. The folks who drive pickup trucks are an ardent, consistent lot. They stick to the brand they like more than those who own SUVs, minivans or any other type of vehicle. They are, however, human, and the heart wants the half-ton that it wants, as the saying goes. This week at the...


This year looks different for inflation as Wall St. braces

(c) 2018, Bloomberg. Laid low for most of the past decade, U.S. inflation is showing signs that it might begin to stage a comeback in 2018. Among the forces coalescing to propel prices higher: the strongest domestic and international economies since the start of the decade, the lowest unemployment...


Ogletree law firm accused of gender pay gap in $300 million suit

(c) 2018, Bloomberg. When California employment lawyer Dawn Knepper transferred to her law firm’s Orange County office in 2012, she asked to be paid at least as much as a male counterpart with similar seniority whom she’d outscored in billable hours and finding more business. Instead, she says, the...


Financial Markets Glance

Dow Jones Industrials High: 26,086.12 Low: 25,702.99 Close: 25,792.86 Change: —10.33 Other Indexes Standard&Poors 500 Index: 2776.42 —9.82 NYSE Index: 13,246.82 —47.52 Nasdaq Composite Index: 7223.69 —37.37 NYSE Amer Composite: 2699.49 +11.43 Russell 2000 Index: 1572.97 —19.00 Wilshire 5000...


Nutella maker to pay $2.8 billion for Nestle U.S. candy unit

(c) 2018, Bloomberg. Nestle agreed to sell its U.S. confectionery unit to Ferrero, the Italian maker of Nutella, in the first substantial step away from the candy industry by the company that invented milk chocolate. The sale of the unit, which includes the Butterfinger and Baby Ruth brands, is...

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