We can't allow ourselves to become immune to Trump's words

Friday , February 09, 2018 - 6:00 AM15 comments

Does President Donald Trump inject Americans with daily doses of verbal vaccinations?

Yes, the immunization is working, as we become immune to his words.

Each day Trump injects words into our minds on Twitter, during press conferences or in official White House statements. His word injections include a heavy dose of tearing people down, speaking mistruths, taking credit for credit not due, blaming others, name-calling and bullying.

Trump’s words are becoming mainstream and less shocking every day, and therein lies the sickness we are suffering from. No longer are we shocked when he calls someone “Little.” No longer are we shocked when he lies. No longer are we shocked when he blames others for his shortcomings or when he demeans women and minorities.

Symptoms people are likely to exhibit after hearing Trump are complacency, acceptance and permission to emulate. Other symptoms can include severe depression, family divisions and deep mistrust.

America and democracy cannot survive this epidemic. There is an antidote, and that antidote is resistance. The nation is immune to the foul words that are spoken by Trump. Words matter until they don’t.

Jeanene Porter


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